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We provide interlocks with unlimited number of different codes.

Unique ‘Patented’ Lock Portion & Key Design, Minimum 3 billion – billion! ‘unique’ Rotary Key Code permutations from the ‘Patented’ Lock Portion & Key Design. We stopped counting at 3 billion.

We can also provide our clients with master keys, however introducing a master key to site is always a risk as master keys open and or close all valves. We advise to have master keys be locked in the control room and only be allowed on sight in case of emergencies.

To further prevent misuse of master keys: One single Master Key covers site installed Key Code permutations, this prevents master keys being taken from one installations to other to override there. This has been excluded due to our design.

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Loose Ends Solutions - ENEX Interlocks

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Middlesbrough - UK

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