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I am Bram Loose

International commercial services and the new sustainable industry requires focus, work accurately and customer satisfaction under all circumstances, problems to be solved quickly, to be direct and this all to the greater benefit of company and customer. Traveling which I did frequently in my former positions, fits me like a glove.

I love teamwork, but can also work very good independently!

My style is direct, straightforward, of course depending on the market that we are working in. I feel best in an environment with short informal communication flows, where there is room for insight and personal ideas and action, without losing sight of the company’s interests and the current hierarchy.

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Through out of the box thinking

We go through lengths to find the best suitable solution for your challenges we do not shy away from bold and out of the box solutions.

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As our name, Loose Ends Solutions, implies we try to connect you and your challenge to the best partner we have.

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Within our chosen market segments we have a diverse set of skills that can support you on the various challenges you face.

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