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The challenge faced, was the measurement of 10 energy sources (6 sub-meters Electricity, 4 sub-meters,  gas) with no connection to local WiFi of internet.

With our supplied hardware following sources can be monitored and communicates to the various platforms, mobile app.

  1. Analogue meters for gas and electricity,
  2. Digital and smart meters, from network providers, or other sources,
  3. RS 485 Modbus,
  4. Pulse,
  5. Mbus,

These data loggers are in addition equiped with Narrow-band IOT (NbIoT) that can sent  the “real-time” consumption to our and client platforms.

By doing so our client can monitor consumption and invoice on actual usage per tenant.

Client name

VEBRUIKSOVERZICHT - Loose Ends Solutions

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Solution location

AALSMEER - the Netherlands

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