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Remote read out of Water meters

Our client wanted to have a solution to remotely read out water meters ,old and new, by doing so avoiding to physically have to visit every location, have insight in usage, and detect leakage, spillage.

Our water meters, software and network coverage have been developed by a specialized team of experts. With extensive knowledge of the real estate sector, we can solve the most common problems of our clients. Many water meters are analog and, especially in large cities, difficult to read or reached.

By placing a smart meter directly behind the main meter of the water supplier, we can effectively measure the water flow and display it naturally.Our service has been developed with a view to providing both a single connection and a large (apartment) complex with a stable and well-organized measuring service for a competitive rate.

By measuring, you can quickly detect leaks or request the correct data for drawing up final invoices at the touch of a button. We provide this for the real estate sector; with a large number of homes and “inaccessible” water meters, as healthcare institutions with various branches and that have a large number of measuring points.

Our water meters are included in the budget for existing buildings, renovations, new buildings and project development. Measuring water consumption in existing buildings always starts with the main meter. This way you can quickly detect leaks and gain insight into the consumption of the entire complex.

After the main meter, the individual housing units are often connected for consumption monitoring and the preparation of final invoices.


Read out remotely
At the touch of a button the request current meter reading.

Notification in case of leakage
Automatically receive a notification leakage, – temperature detection.

Overview of meters all meters
Interactive map of all active meters, all data in one screen.

Handy app or API
An app to monitor the meter reading anytime, anywhere to check whether an API for your software

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